Informaservices Inc (Informaservices Inc or is a recognized industry leader since 2002. Informaservices Inc provides safe, legal, and secure shopping experience, as well as on site technology solutions from any location in the world.
Informaservices Inc conveniently takes care of all our clients needs. No matter what your schedule is or what part of the world you are shopping from, our services will meet all your requirements. Our interactive shopping experience and customer service allows our customers the option of buying online or over the phone with the same pin number and password. (Informaservices Inc also has wireless services) So whether you are shopping from your office computer or calling from the comforts of your home you can rest assured our service will be first class, and remember, all accounts are completely confidential.
All you need to do is to buy the products online or by telephone and, Informaservices Inc will take care of the rest.
  • The store is 100% owned and operated by Informaservices Inc, located at 275 Fontainebleau Blvd Ste 225B, Miami, FL 33172 United State.
  • Transactions will appear on your statement as: Informaservices Inc - Your credit card will be billed immediately after purchase
  • We recommend the cardholder to print out all transaction data and receipts, the cancellation regulations, and the payment methods in order to avoid misconceptions and discussions at a later time and keep them at an easily accessible place - For transaction security we use SSL encryption
  • All transactions are in USD
    - All customer data will be treated confidential and will not be sold to others
    - If you are totally dissatisfied with the service you have received, we will consider your case and refund your purchase so long as your reason is valid. To apply for a refund call us at 786 467 9822
  • It is recommended that you check with your State about sales taxes according to the laws that apply in the jurisdiction from where you are connecting or calling. You must understand and accept that we are unable to provide you any legal advice or assurances
  • All orders will be effected immediately
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