First of all THANKS very much for taking the time to visit this page. At Informaservices, our team of technicians is specially trained to solve your PC and Network problems at your business or office. We are familiar with the latest systems and are able to perform:

  • Your catalog online. Show your products and services on the web. Make changes (add, delete, edit) in one word UPDATE your web catalog without hassle. You don't have to pay again to add or delete a product or service, change a price, change descriptions. [Call us Now (786)467-9822]
  • Metrics Visualization - Web Blackboards with diagrams, which together express the attributes that your company cares about - revenue by customers overtime, quantity of orders by week, month or year, most profitable customers and products, and others.
  • Wireless networking setup and maintenance. (Networks).
  • Hard Drive installation.
  • Web site Design, programming, maintenance and Hosting. [More info here]
  • Documents transfer from paper to your computers.
  • Internet based Database solutions. [More information here]
  • Sales of Computers and Accessories.
  • Hardware and Software installation.
  • PC installation, repair, maintenance and upgrades.

Furthermore, we offer an excellent Customer Service before and after of your shopping or service. We hope you can enjoy of our advantages and opportunities based in honesty, sincerity and confidence which are assured. 

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